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Limonta - is a team of electronics specialists who have been working in the field of high technologies for 6 years. We designing and manufacturing prototypes of electronic equipment as well as carrying out small-scale production, providing components for projects. Specialization area - electronics manufacturing and assembling.

Our mission is to help small and medium-sized electronics designers and companies to manufacture their product series, prototypes, in the shortest terms, evaluate the design of the product, submit comments, and prepare a project for mass production.

Our vision - with the help of our team you will implement even the most ambitious your projects. We will seek to meet individual needs, ensuring flexibility, speed and quality of production, the very shortest terms of production. Confidentiality guaranteed.


Our values - long-term cooperation, accuracy, pleasant service. 



Elektronikos surinkimas ir gamyba. SMD komponentų surinkimas, elektronikos gamyba, p&p, EMS, prototipas
SMT pick and placement


SMD components are mounted on the PCB in an automated way. Soldering paste spotted on PCB using stencils. Soldering in re-flow oven according to the temperature profile of the soldering paste.

Through-hole Assembly

 Lead components (PTH) and other mechanical components assembly to the PCB board and soldering.  Soldering is performed manually.

Wires and connection preparation and manufacturing

 Joints and wires preparation, contacts soldering. Preparation of the wires of the required length and configuration,  custom made assemblies.

Electronics repair/ rework services


 Old parts replacement with new and better quality. Processor, microchips and other components rework. We carry out works of professional equipment - fast and  in a high precision.

PCB design and supply


Design of printed circuit boards (PCBs) according to the scheme and technical assignment you provided. We arrange delivery of components and boards in cooperation with the largest manufacturers.

Equipment manufacturing

Project hardware Assembly according to assembly drawings and specifications, fitting equipment to casing. Control cabinets assembly, installation of the automation components, commissioning and electrical testing.


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